1. Deliverable 1.1: Climate change impacts on European biodiversity – observations and future projections. PDF, 470 KB
  2. Deliverable 2.1: Review paper of the contribution of different models for assessing the impacts of climate change. PDF, 541 KB
  3. Deliverables 2.2 and 2.3: Meta-analysis of adaptation and mitigation measures across the EU25 and their impacts and recommendations how negative impacts can be avoided. PDF, 1.58 MB
  4. Deliverable 3.4: Report on improved method for reserve selection. PDF, 436 KB
  5. Deliverable 3.5: Report on the results of the run of improved modeling to Europe PDF,
  6. Deliverable 4.1: Policy Analysis for Biodiversity under climate change. PDF, 522 KB
  7. Deliverable 4.2: Policy options to prevent/minimise negative impacts on biodiversity. PDF, 188 KB

Working group – Modelling species extinctions risk under climate change – National museum of Natural Sciences, CSIC, Madrid, Spain (7-11 April 2008).

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