Taxonomic data are stored in specimen collections, museum records, and to a lesser extent in digitized databases. Too often, these sources contain incorrect taxonomic references and inaccurate geographical locations. Errors in taxonomic references usually arise because of changes in species nomenclatures. Geo-referencing errors tend to arise because of inaccuracies in the characterization of the locations where specimens were captured, and because collectors report locality names that later are changed. To solve these problems, we developed the IBIODAT software (Application for Homogenization Taxonomic Collections in the Iberian Peninsula). This application enables checking and correcting already digitized collections and also provides a tool for digitizing and geo-referencing old collections. In future versions the outputs of the application will follow the formats of the international agreements on taxonomic collections digitization (Darwin Core, GIBIF).

The application and its manual are freely available and can be downloaded here.

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) can also be downloaded here.