The lab is fully committed to basic research with the overarching aim of advancing knowledge of the processes governing the distribution of life on earth. Some of our research findings and methods can be applied beyond the narrow walls of academia though. Researchers in the lab are particularly interested in applying the expertise gained in our research for solving environmental problems of societal relevance.

In the past we have signed tenders to develop climate change impact assessments on biodiversity at national and regional levels, as well as providing guidance for the development of European-wide strategies for biodiversity conservation under climate change.

Currently, we offer our expertise to:

  • Develop environmental change (climate and land use change) impact assessments on biodiversity or on any species or particular interest.
  • Develop spatial conservation prioritisation plans for biodiversity or for any target species of conservation interest.
  • Develop climate change adaptation plans and programs, with particular emphasis on those having an ecosystem function and services approach.

Our clients: